(Photos by Joel Cas) There's this quote by Yoko Ono (You know me - I'm a sucker for a good quote). She had broken down our state of reflection for each season and said that when springtime passes "one remembers one's innocence." Summer is exuberance; Autumn is reverence; Winter, Perseverance. At the turn of every season I think of this quote. I love it. I love picturing each season as a new chapter, new goal, new focus, new theme. Winter ends and spring sprouts through the dampened ground, blossoming. A fresh start. As Yoko says, a reflection of innocence when we were anew - just as the season is.

As always, my go to medium for expressing my ideas is style. I pull my favorite color palette of the season, pale pinks and light blues, and build an outfit inspired by springtime and innocence. Simple, fun, and youthful. Shot on the ground of an East Village park - jogging memories of childhood, when sitting on the earth wasn't just acceptable; It was enjoyable. I have to say it felt, maybe a bit naive, but mostly freeing.  

Jacket, Shirt, Denim - Forever 21; Shoes - Nike

All photos by Joel Cas