Product Review: Every Man Jack

Bye bye No-Shave-November! With the Holidays around the corner, us guys want to look super spiffy and dapper for all the parties/festivities we've been penning in our planners. More than likely that means ditching our November whiskers and doing a fair amount of clean shaving. So I sought after the best and most affordable razors on the market to help make the transition a bit easier.

I had every intention to create a full round up of shaving essentials from a couple different brands, but then I tried Every Man Jack's shaving kit and was blown away. There was just no need to include any other brand. Everything you ever need for a great shave is included in the kit. 

Real talk: I wasn't expecting much when I noticed the price of the kit, a mere $40. When I tried it my jaw dropped. What is this grooming sorcery happening on my face! This was probably the closest shave I've EVER gotten outside of a barber shop. The manual razor knocks it out of the freakin' park with its six blades and perfectly weighted handle. The shave gel feels incredible. It's super hydrating and smooth - great for sensitive skin. As is the non-greasy face lotion.

As you can tell I'm pretty pumped about this shave kit, and that is exactly why I dropped the round up story and was just like, "Nah, I'm going to just talk about Every Man Jack for an entire post." It's just that good. And with the Holidays basically here already it's the perfect time to present this for a gift idea to you guys. The kit comes in an awesome canvas dopp kit, with the razor handle, four cartridges, a razor stand, shave gel, and lotion.

To grab your own kit, purchase as a gift, or just learn more about the brand check out

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