Mile, Mile and a Half

Another quick weekend away peaks with a couple miles for us to hike and a few breath-taking views to take in. By "take in" I obviously mean post to my Snapchat story... But what can I say, I'm now the self appointed historian of my group so it's important for me to document all the fun things we do.

My friends and I had a great time trekking around the reservoir and scoping the late-autumn scenery. The leaves have pretty much all fallen to the ground lining the path with layers of brown, flecked with shy bits of orange or gold. Walking the top of a rocky dam we can see acres of dusty-brown bare trees and even further in the distance they begin to glow with a blue haze. It was perfect. Just a relaxing, inspiring day spent surrounded by beauty. After a hike like that there only one way to punctuated our day: with hot dogs and birch beer. Because, you know what they say... When in Rome New Jersey...


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