Okay, so I feel like most people don't think of a pair of sunnies as a major fall accessory. They're usually associated with summer days spent lounging on white sand and such... But, nay! Sunglasses are a huge part of our fall and winter wardrobes. Just because it's a bit chillier, doesn't mean the sun disappears, right? In fact, a snowy street can actually reflect the sun pretty intensely - making sunglasses even more necessary for cold weather. But if we wanted to stay super stylish, our choice of shades should change for the fall. Not all sunglasses can cross over to our fall wardrobe from summer. For fall and winter, invest in a pair of sunglasses that have darker frames and lenses. If you opt for a color lens lean towards warm hues of red, orange, and gold - or the classic fix: all black everything. This season in particular, simple, classic and clean shapes are en vogue. Think straight top bars and geometric rims. And, retro flat lenses are huge right now. Like very huge. Like if your shades are not flat you are most likely not cool. Just saying...

Here are some of my top favorite sunnies for fall:

1. Komono Riviera Black Rubber, $59.95 
2. Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses, $150
3. Oliver Peoples Bernardo Sunglasses, $420
4. Dior AL 13.5 Navy Blue, Boutiques Only
5. Persol Suprema Sunglasses
6. Quay Asha Gun with Gold Mirror Lens, $50
Look For Less: Etalon by Steve Canar Orange/Gold Metallic Sunglasses, $44.99