To be honest I didn't expect to write up a post about this weekend. If I had I probably would have prepared a bit better... It was a short, nearly-impromptu getaway. But I returned to the city Sunday evening having had an amazing time and kind of inspired. So I've decided to share a few snaps I took with my fav - a disposable camera - throughout the weekend.

A truly wonderful friend of mine had very kindly invited me out to his home in a cozy, breathtakingly  gorgeous town in NJ. Wanting to hang out and finally see his home, I didn't hesitate to hop on the train. What a genius decision that was, because quite frankly I ended up having the most exciting, fun weekend of the season thus far.

Enveloped by the gorgeous hilly range covered in amber trees, the landscape alone made the trip worth it. But there was so many exciting adventure on our agenda as we explored all the autumn-themed offerings of the neighboring towns. We ate incredible food while listening to live music; celebrated Halloween with a nighttime haunted hayride (which of course I was the only one in our group to jump/yell/pee myself); started our Sunday with coffee and a decadent brunch; visited a farm (bucket list item - check) and conquered a corn maze; picked delicious apples from an orchard with an incredibly scenic view; and saluted a fun weekend away from the city with a few pumpkin beers.