Outdoor clothing and gear brand, Cotopaxi, is having a really fun conversation in honor of the greatest holiday ever - Halloween. They are exploring the idea of a zombie apocalypse, and invited me to join in and share my expertise. Obviously being a huge zombie-movie fan I jumped at the opportunity. I thought it might be fun to share what I would pack in my survival kit if there were ever an outbreak of the dead.

My motto: Just because you are running for your life doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing so.

First, since it seems like people spend a lot of time running and little time bathing post-apocalypse, I think I'd have to grab a stick of deodorant and a fragrance - most likely from Le Labo because a little goes a long way. Their scents are powerful and last a long time. Next, I'd have to pack a few bottle of vitamin E oil. Sure it helps your immune system, prevents stroke-induced brain damage and fights cancers, but this amazing antioxidant is also a miracle worker for hair, skin and nails. It brightens, moisturizes, tackles wrinkles and blemishes, and helps heal scars. It's like the perfect end of the world beauty product - all purpose, one step, and recommended by style and beauty icon Kylie Jenner via her app (Which I don't want to think about not having to inspire me daily... The end of the world will be terrifying!). Lastly, I think I'd just stock up on donuts. Just all the donuts I could find... I'd probably just barricade myself in a Dunkin Donut or donut factory or something. I mean, I basically eat donuts for every meal anyway. Why not just continue doing that.

Last but certainly not least, I'd grab all my Cotopaxi gear, especially the down vests and insulated jackets because I know they will keep me super warm, last a long time, and still look super stylish. Cotopaxi makes awesome gear for just about every adventure you could imagine. Including a zombie apocalypse, obviously.

Cotopaxi creates innovative outdoor products, and experiences that fund sustainable poverty relief. They hope to move people to do good deeds, and inspire adventure.

Here are some of my favorite Cotopaxi must haves:
Stainless WaterbottleKpong SatchelRetro Trucker HatKusa Insulated Jacket (Full Zip)Tianjin Down Vest