Photos by Joel Cas

I found it! I found my barber shop. You know, that one shop that is just perfect for you. Where you can completely unwind, enjoy yourself, and most importantly - feel that your hair and whiskers are in good hands.

For almost a year now I've been growing my hair out, hoping to achieve man bun status, but recently I've grown tired of my long hair. It's become a bit annoying. And, honestly, I've become a bit impatient. I've been growing my hair for month and still look nothing like Brock O’Hurn! And so, for the past several weeks I had made it my mission to find the best barber shop in NYC. This was a big deal. I wasn't about to go to just any old barber shop, just to have money wasted and lose an ear or something.

Through a little research and the recommendations of a few friends I narrowed it down to a handful of talented barbers. But, after seeing their previous work and chatting with each shop owner it was obvious which shop I wanted to visit, Best Barber in my beloved neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan. I love this barber shop. I can't say it enough. I'm actually holding myself back from typing this post in ALL CAPS. 

Best Barber creates a more modern, elevated barber shop experience - unlike any other in New York. Taking the comfort of a classic barber shop, mixing in a contemporary atmosphere, and topping it all off with awesome service. These guys were exactly what I was looking for.

Walking in, the staff, including shop owner Boswell, greeted me. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. Right off the bat, I noticed a difference in vibes when compared to other NYC barber shops. I genuinely felt like they cared about my comfort and happiness. Which makes all the difference. I make my way to the chair, sipping a complementary cold brew, while my awesome barber, Greg, and I discussed my expectations. I had something in mind for a style, but making such a drastic jump in length I needed suggestion and guidance. I can't thank Greg enough for taking the time to understand what I wanted out of the haircut. I assume he's psychic, because somehow he read my mind and gave me the exact cut I had envisioned. The attention to detail, the precision was incredible. That fade, though! So good!

"I feel really handsome." Not to sound vain, but it was the truth. After being completely pampered, and finally looking at my completed cut in the mirror I couldn't help but say it out loud. I mean... Isn't that the point of a trip to the barber: to leave looking and feeling handsome, like your best self? I would like to believe so. If that feeling were our goal and what we rated each barber shop experience on, Best Barber would get the highest award.

I wholeheartedly can't wait to visit these guys again. I know when I go back, I can expect an awesome atmosphere, friendly staff, skilled barbers, and a top notch barber-style cut exactly how I envision it to look.

For more info on Best Barber, or to make an appointment, visit