As many of you know, the WearHouse District is all about showcasing the most creative and unique artists and designers. We feature brands that we feel connected to, or brands that we feel stand out from the crowd. Linder is certainly one of those brands.

Linder is a menswear line founded in 2013, by owners Sam Linder and Kirk Millar. The brand borrows from a host of traditions and reinterprets them to create wearable luxury. With New York City as its backdrop, the brand’s aesthetic represents the intersection of art and contemporary culture. The use of unique materials and eclectic influences results in a brand that is surprising, wearable, and modern. One of the most interesting aspect of Linder's line is the reception from the women clientele. Even though the brand is essentially "menswear," each piece is so unique that it can be wore, styled, and loved by all genders.

This very notable brand recently opened its flagship store in the stylish neighborhood of SoHo, Manhattan. There you can find an extensive collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, but also be immersed in one of the coolest vibes I have ever witnessed in a clothing store. The decor of the flagship is cutting-edge, and exciting just like their namesake line.

To learn more about Linder visit or stop by the flagship store: 128 Thompson Street.