Socks are definitely having a moment. As are monthly boxes. So, why not mix both! Too late. Some guys in Dallas already has - and we love them! For just $9 a month, Foot Cardigan sends a new pair of delightfully unique socks. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. Even more delightful? You don’t get to choose what pair you get! Think of it this way: as a Foot Cardigan gift-giver, your friends and family get to play the sock lottery and win every time.Foot Cardigan’s scientific sock selection process guarantees that an instant conversation starter will always be conveniently located just below your knees.

Launched in June of 2012, Foot Cardigan has quickly become the premier sock subscription company worldwide with more than 5,000 subscribers internationally. Sock subscriptions are available for men, women, and kids... pretty much everyone and anyone.

As a Foot Cardigan gift-giver, you have the opportunity to choose a one-time purchase or an ongoing monthly subscription for your more favorite loved ones. For just $2, Foot Cardigan will gift wrap it horribly (or if you hate fun, without it) and send straight to your BAE.

Learn most about Foot Cardigan here, or subscribe here.