photo credit: Amy Lombard for VICE
Last week, New York's bottoms, the self-proclaimed "two shitty drag queens, a 303 and a drummer", and “gender-problematizing goth dance band” that grew out of Brooklyn’s DIY space Secret Project Robot, release debut goodbye ep (12" vinyl here and digital here) on January 20th. In honor of the release, the band hosted a party on Friday January 23rd at Secret Project Robot. 

The band was also featured in a rather revealing interview with VICE last week, which opens with the band huffing poppers before going on stage. Check it out here.

Last December on World AIDS Day, bottoms revealed their "hiv" track from the debut goodbye EP .“People have spent a long time keeping quiet about HIV,” Dibeler tells Vice. “Conversely, I think it's really important to scream about it.”

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