So, we here at the WearHouse District are always searching for new exciting brands and products, especially ones that mix functionality with style.  Recently, we found what we think may actually be the perfect carryall bag. Enter, the Bomber Barrel by Bomber & Co. Successfully funded on Kickstarter about a month ago, this bag is a godsend for anyone on the go. Whether it be traveling, going to the gym, hiking, camping, or just popping around the city, the bag is perfection.

The Bomber Barrel is inspired by the classic duffels we are rather familiar with, but upgraded for the modern age, using ultra grade nylon, a minimal design, and very light weight. And it's black - creating depth and elegance. The Bomber & Co. team wanted to create a timeless duffel bag design that could be used for anyone, all the time. It's classy enough to carry to the office, durable enough to take hiking, and efficient enough to use in travel, making it an essential item. 

The Bomber Barrel has an unbelievably spacious interior, perfect for laptops, tablets, smartphones, dress shoes, and other travel necessities. The main compartment can hold items like clothing, or shoes; and an interior pocket is great for small valuables, such as wallet, or phones; while offering an outside zipped pocket to quickly access essentials.

Learn more about the Bomber Barrel Here. Use the pre-order discount code: "KickBomber" and receive 20% off your order!