5 Beauty Tips to Make Yourself Look Beautiful on Instagram

You love Instagram. We all do. It's pretty much the most important thing in life these days. You'd do anything for the likes and the followers. You're flat lay images are on point, and your food porn shots are killin' it. But, you want to step up your selfie game. We understand...  Here are a few very simple and affordable beauty tips to make sure you are looking your absolute best in every photo. 
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Pump Up Your Lashes 
It's important to make sure your eyes really pop in an Instagram photo. What better way than lengthening your lashes, without using pesky false lashes. This is an old lash pumping secret, but wow the results. After curling your lashes, apply a couple coats of mascara. Dip a Q-tip or small brush into baby powder, and dust over the top and bottom of your lashes. Add another coat of mascara, and then stare at the amazing results in the mirror.

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Minimize Appearance of Pores
Having a smooth, flawless face is so critical when 'gramming! Cell phones nowadays have amazing high res cameras... that unfortunately pick up every flaw. Affordable and easy to use, Maybelline's Baby Skin primer is the remedy. This thick gel is perfect for targeting specific areas on your face that may need a little spot treatment. This baby blurs visible pores leaving you ready for your close up.
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Make your Eyebrows Seem On Fleek
A very simple way to make sure your brows are on their A-game, is by shaping and filling them with make up. No need to pluck, wax or thread before every photo. Also, bolder brows make for sexy selfies. Simply moisture your brow, and comb through so hairs stay in place. Using a brow pencil, fill in your brows making sure not to start from where the hair begins growing, but from the middle of the brow - moving along its natural shape. Finish the look with a powder eye shadow, nearest shade to your hair color, on the brow.
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Do Something With That Hair...
No one will "like" an Instagram featuring a girl with messy, greasy or boring hair. Sometimes putting it up in a hair tie, just won't do... no matter how many hashtags you add. #LikeMySelfieEvenThoughMyHairIsGross No worries. There are so many effortless ways to make your hair look more presentable. 

First of all, dry shampoo is your friend. Don't be afraid to refresh your hair before you snap a pic. Also, try a few new time efficient styles; like wrapping your hair up into the end of an elastic headband. This makes a cool lazy bun look, and can produce some fun beachy waves when you finally let your hair down. Try taking your hair in two ponytails and tie together, flip the ends inside out, wrap around the knot fully, and then step with a barrette or bobby pin. It makes for a great, messy updo.

You can even try creating large, bold curls. Simply band your hair in a pony tail on the very top of your head, pull your hair into two or three parts. With a heat tool, curl each part, and set with hairspray after cooling. Gently take down or cut off the pony tail holder, and voila! Gorgeous curls.
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Sometimes It's Okay to Cheat.
Of course, we aren't all blessed with Kyle Jenner's perfect pout. Seriously, those lips though... Well, there's a way you can get the appearance of larger lips. And it may be cheating a bit, but it's okay when it's for the sake of Instagram. Line your lips just outside its natural line, not too far outside the line, just a tad. Top your lipstick with a gloss to really make them look fuller.

Because photoshop is so #basic
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