Moving to New York City, I had hoped to instantly be immersed in a world of vocal, artistic, crazy fucking weirdos. I thought I'd be gallivanting nightly with the next Mapplethorpe or Warhol or Haring or something like that... Unfortunately, I was wrong. For some time I had even begun to believe maybe the exciting and unique had all fled the city. But, I believe the creative individuals that make New York interested and important are still there. You just need to look a bit harder.

Take bottoms, for example. This "gender-problematizing goth dance" band has become one of my new New York obsessions. Their aggressive punk-minded electronic sound is hyper-sexualized and mixed flawlessly with complicated gender issues. The band, calling themselves "two shitty drag queens, a 303 and a drummer," is Simon Leahy, Michael Prommasit, and Jake Dibeler. Leahy co-founder of the annual Bushwig festival, spearheaded the new "drag explosion" in the Bushwick nightlife scene. Some may also recognize Leahy from his prior band, Teeth, which has been toured internationally. Dibeler is a performance artist whose work touches on historical anxieties surrounding gay culture. bottoms has a method of combining hilarious and terrifying stage antics along with acid house minimalism to create a unique experience that is both joyful - yet violet.

True to their form of speaking about gay culture, identity, and sexuality, bottoms revealed their "hiv" track on World AIDS Day via Vice, from the upcoming debut Goodbye EP“People have spent a long time keeping quiet about HIV,” Dibeler tells Vice. “Conversely, I think it's really important to scream about it.”

The band will release Goodbye on iTunes via indie Atlas Chair on January 21st, 2015. They will also be playing at Baby's Allright in Brooklyn (w Shannon F. / Light Asylum) on December 14th, and Palisades on January 17th.