I didn't really know it was a thing until my cousin had tagged me in a black and white Instagram photo asking me to take the "Black and White Challenge." After doing some Googling, the guidelines still are a bit fuzzy, but it seems as though I'm supposed to share 5 consecutive days of black and white photos on Instagram with at least one picture a day. On my first photo I nominate a few friends to join in the challenge as well... I think that's how it goes. I'm not quite sure if I succeeded or failed, but it was fun! I mean, what's more artsy and moody than a black and white Instagram pic, am I right?

 Day One: Midtown Life.

Day 2: Grand Central Station

Day 3: #TBT Hanne Denys Photography (2012) Portrait of Yours Truly

Day 4: Bergdorf's Film themed Holiday Window

Day 5: Being a Super Hipster in Brooklyn