Shawl Wallah, a new organization working with local artisans out of Kashmir, India, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund its line of ethically-produced, handmade Pashmina shawls.

"The various families involved employ centuries-old techniques in gathering, spinning, dyeing, and weaving the fine Pashmina wool," says Greg Doudican, Founder of Shawl Wallah, "Making each shawl a true work of art.”

The Kickstarter campaign, titled “Ethically Produced Pashmina Shawls” (Link to be provided once campaign launches), will start September 3 – October 2, 2014. The goal is to raise $25,000 for its Spring/Summer 2015 line.

"There’s been a lot of heart and soul put into Shawl Wallah since its inception in November 2013, but now we’re turning to the Internet to help take it to the next level," Doudican said, "We will offer superior quality products that people will love, while building social and economic stability in Kashmir.”

Shawl Wallah came to fruition by accident. Working as a UN Refugee Consultant in New Delhi, Doudican found himself in Kashmir, a region located in Northern India that has endured decades of conflict, resulting in economic and social devastation. Doudican learned about the traditional Kashmiri textile industry, and its decline due to external pressures. "We have an ancient industry, still producing the original Pashmina shawls, famous the world over," Doudican explains. “Now due to mass-produced foreign imports, this dying art form is often duplicated yet never replicated in quality and beauty.”

From this, Doudican developed Shawl Wallah as a true social enterprise. They’re committed to sourcing ethically-produced products, which keeps craftsmen and craftswomen employed, and simultaneously preserves the art of hand-weaving.  This strategic framework will, in turn, help promote sustainable economic growth to the region.


Shawl Wallah is also committed to investing in the region's most valuable resource – children. With each product sold, Shawl Wallah donates 20% of the sale price to Save the Children India, which provides child protection and education services in Kashmir.

"There are not many brands employing this type of business model in the fashion industry, and none doing so with Pashmina (or cashmere) shawls," Doudican said. "With Shawl Wallah, we hope to raise the bar on international trade, and become a model in conscious and responsible consumerism."

To learn more about Shawl Wallah or show your support visit their Kickstarter page here.