Zach Seng, founder of Sengco Apparel and Pennsylvania native, created a design that makes a boring pocket tee into a unique fashion statement. 

Hand-picking endless amounts of fabric, all ranging in different style and material, Seng applies each as a pocket to tees, tanks and cardigans - creating an outstanding piece of fashion. The concept is simple, the process in thoughtful, and the product is stylish.

Seng is an artist, music buff, and regular reveler. "I never thought I would be a fashion designer/founder of a clothing line. Not that I was against the idea, it just hadn't crossed my mind," said Seng. But, once the shirts caught on that all changed.

photographer, Alexandra Amarotico

Seng first got the idea for the Sengco Apparel concept in high school. He wanted to continue the convenience, comfort, and utility of a standard tee, but add a much needed touch of interest to an otherwise boring plain shirt. It wasn't until he received his grandmother's sewing machine that he began putting the idea into action. Almost two years ago, Seng created the first Sengco Apparel tee, in the corner of his dad's basement. He sported his new shirt with pride for several days, and received bucketloads of compliments and requests. Before he knew it, all his friends had to have their own - and some even had to have several.

That's when Seng realized his DIY project had potential, and sought out outlets to share his designs. His friends had introduced him to some of the New York City flea markets and proposed that they may be a good environment for Sengco Apparel to catch on. A year later, Sengco Apparel has become Zach Seng's full time job - as he frequents the city's flea markets to sell his designs.

photographer, Alexandra Amarotico

Seng enjoys the idea of a small and creative DIY business. He keeps the Sengco Apparel team small. They help with handling fabrics, preparing pockets, and embroidery logos and cards. Seng sews all the pockets himself. He also selects each pocket fabric, and often develops his on prints. He's used tweeds, canvases, linens, silks, ikats, printed cottons, burlaps, and more. During this process, his focus is to have the pockets stand out visually and texturally. Overall, Sengco Apparel's main goal is to create an honest product that looks, wears and feels better than the rest!

photographer, Alexandra Amarotico

Recently Zach Seng teamed up with Breanne, fashion blogger and cake connoisseur of, for a special collaboration where Breanne creates a cake based on one of Seng's designs. Check it out at

Seng is also working on a large scale drawing exhibit in Chelsea, Manhattan by late 2014, or early 2015. He will also be going on a four month road trip from the east coast to California, to Mexico, throughout Central America, and back. He hopes to share Sengco shirts with all the happy people he meet along the way.

Visit to shop current styles or even customize your own! If you are in the New York City area, you can find Sengco Apparel at various flea markets - Mainly the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market on Saturday's and Sunday's.