A couple years ago in Bali, Indonesia, Shane Vitaly Foran, a Toronto native on an unplanned pilgrimage, became inspired to create handcrafted jewelry that would fit the many faces of everyday fashion.

Foran had reached out to local craftsmen to create a few pieces of his vision, and posted images of his creation on social media. To his surprise, he recieved an overwhelming positive response to his designs from his friend. That's when Foran and his business partner (and friend) Jason Readman decided to take a risk and invest their last few cents into their vision. That's when Vitaly was born.

Since April 2012, Foran and Readman have been pouring themselves into Vitaly full-time, seeking to create a brand that embraces the myriad of lifestyles and personalities that have inspired it: from sky diving to stage diving, and fine art to body art.

Vitaly continues to release new designs, working with a variety of unique materials, and maintains a strong relationship with all of those who have helped make its journey possible.

Learn more about Vitaly at www.vitalydesign.com.