Tuesday, April 01, 2014 Casey Arden

 By: Casey Arden

If you have ever been on instagram, twitter, or even Facebook you have definitely stumbled onto some mouthwatering food porn. Every time one of your friends eats something delicious (or something that looks delicious), you can be sure that you are going to see it!

Whether you haven’t eaten anything all day, or you just stuffed yourself, the good foodgrams will make your stomach grumble. And if you are on a diet they will certainly cause some tempting cravings. Of course, they will also make you jealous that you aren’t sharing this delectable meal with your friend.
There are even countless instagram accounts dedicated to the trend. I think I’d even go as far as to say that some of these foodgrams are works of art. What does a work of art do? It makes you feel something. Well let me tell you, some of these finger-lickin’ pictures make me feel hungry!
I’d definitely consider myself a foodie. So maybe I’m biased, maybe others don’t get as excited when they see the same pictures that I do. But I really love some good food; so being in New Orleans for college has been great while I add to my list of life-changing meals.  What I decided to do the first time I visited New Orleans was create a list of the best restaurants I’ve been to and another list of the places I want to try. Some of the places I want to try were inspired by location or just by reading their description in the Tulane Zagats. But some were inspired by the location pin right above a foodgram. I’ve decided that if a friends meal look absolutely amazing, why should I sit there with my stomach grumbling when I could try it out for myself! Maybe even take a good foodgram of my own.

 So here’s my list of must try NOLA restaurants:

-Dante’s Kitchen (736 Dante Street) If I only had one meal left before I died, I would go to Dante’s Kitchen for their weekend brunch. There are no reservations, but it’s well worth the wait. I have been dreaming about the bacon praline cinnamon sticky buns all summer. And the bread pudding French toast gave me a foodgasm. It’s also moderately priced!

-August, John Besh restaurant (301 Tchoupitoulas): expensive but mind-blowingly amazing

-Salu – (3226 Magazine Street) Tapas and Spanish food, moderate prices, must try: crispy artichoke hearts, medjool dates, and duck breast salad. Their cocktails are amazing and a bargain during happy hour

-Sake Café (2830 Magazine Street) Great sushi!

-St. James Cheese Company (5004 Prytania) Easily my favorite place to eat in New Orleans. It’s fast and easy and not expensive. The sandwiches are out of this world – the Mozzerella sandwich is a staple in my diet. And the salads and cheese boards are delicious.

-Kakkoii (7537 Maple Street) Inexpensive and really good and fresh sushi. Good drinks and young, fun atmosphere.

-The American Sector (located at the WW2 Museum, you don’t need to pay an entry to get in though) it’s Chef John Besh – so it’s sort of a given that it’s amazing, but literally everything on the menu tastes delicious. I went with a huge group and we basically ordered everything on the menu and tried it, one of the best meals I’ve had in NOLA.

-Reginelli’s Pizza – okay so it wouldn’t be a must try on my list, but I’m from New York and this is the closest I have come to really good pizza in New Orleans. The Parthenon pizza is AMAZING, and they deliver!

-Satsuma Cafe (7901 Maple Street) - great sandwiches and salads! 

And these are the places that I’m going to try out upon returning to the big easy this fall – if you’ve tried any of them before, let me know how they were!

-Audubon Park Clubhouse (sandwiches/breakfast and Sunday brunch)
-Baru Bistro + Tapas (3700 Magazine Street)
-Bistro Daisy (American/Southern cuisine, Dinner, 5831 Magazine Street)
-Blue Plate Café (American, Breakfast and lunch, 1330 Prytania Street)
-Bon Ton Café (401 Magazine Street), their bread pudding is supposedly to die for
-Café Adelaide (dinner/lunch, 300 Poydras Street)
-Café Granada (Spanish/tapas, 1506 South Carrollton Street)
-Café Rani (salads, 2917 Magazine street)
-Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro (2001 St. Charles)
-Domenica (Italian, 123 Baronne Street)
-Gautreau’s (American/French, 1728 Soniat)
-The Grocery (sandwiches and outdoor seating, 2854 St. Charles)
-Il Posto Café (Italian/paninis, 4607 Dryades Street)
-Kyoto (Japanese, 4920 Prytania Street)
-La Crepe Nanou (1410 Robert St.)
-La Divina Gelateria (sandwiches and gelato, 3005 Magazine)
-La Madeline (bakery, 6015 Carrollton Ave.)
-Lilette (French, 3637 Magazine street)
-Luke (French, 333 St. Charles)
-Superior Grill (3636 St. Charles)
-Court of Two Sisters (613 Royal Street)