This past weekend The WearHouse District took it's first big step into changing fashion forever. The WearHouse District hosted a live fashion competition and cocktail event entitled WildHouse Fashion: a Benefit for the Audubon Fund at the House of Blues in New Orleans.

The WearHouse District focuses on fashion trends and special events, and we are advocates for self-expression and creativity, whether it is through fashion, fine art, or music. We like to think of ourselves as young movers and shakers trying to build a new community that can have fun and appreciate art in all its forms.

Veronica, creative director, Michelle, associate editor, and I created the WildHouse event to show a different side to fashion. We wanted to prove that fashion can be more about art and self-expression and less about being judgmental or shallow, by giving all the proceeds to a charity that does so much good for our community, the Audubon Fund. We also wanted to use this event to show the work that goes into designing and creating fashion. Most people only get to see the fashion after it is completed, either on runways or in stores, and don't realize how extremely difficult it is to create these pieces... and the beauty of the actual design process.

The outrageously talented Jordy Marilyn, a local designer, performance artist, and self-proclaimed "club kid" was our MC for the night. And, AF the Naysayer set the mood for the night playing his electronic, downtempo beats.

The amazing designers that participated in our challenging design competition were Michelle O'Raegan, Erica Durousseau, and Faye Caston, with their models Morgan Ford, Jasmine Wilson, and Taylor Perry.

We had three "inspiration boxes" filled with fabric, accessories, and photos that represent a specific Audubon Institute (the zoo, aquarium, and insectarium). These boxes were used to help inspire the looks each designer created. And they were wrapped, so when they choose them, the institute they were given was a complete surprise!

Once the boxes were given out the competition began, and later in the night the designs were auctioned off to benefit the wonderful Audubon Fund. The design that brought in the most money was announced the winner of the WildHouse 2013!

Each designer blew the audience away with their pieces! The designs were all gorgeous, unique, and embodied the "wild" theme of the night. It was so hard to believe they were made using limited materials, a time limit, and tons of pressure.

After the auction, Michelle O'Reagan was announced the winner of the competition with her insectarium-inspired design, that embodied the beauty and elegance of a butterfly.

The night was concluded with a mind-blowing, live performance by The Vettes, a hip band known for their catchy, stylish tunes and their always gorgeous and fashionable lead vocalist, Rachel Vette.

The event was a huge success. We were able to meet so many of our goals, and everyone had a blast!

Michelle Betanof, Dalton Primeaux, and Veronica Cabral

WildHouse guests having fun
in the Photo Booth provided by Booth 232
Celebrity nail artist, Charlotte Caprice, of LSC Nails

Jordy Marilyn
Michelle O'Reagan creating a look inspired by the Audubon Insectarium.
Faye Caston creating a beautiful look inspired by the Audubon Aquarium.
Erica Durousseau building a fun look inspired by the Audubon Zoo.
Model Taylor Perry (left), Model Jasmine Wilson(right)
and Dalton Primeaux
Model Morgan Ford (left) and  Jordy Marilyn
Design Competition Winner, Michelle O'Raegan
and her Model Morgan Ford

The Vettes

Love, Fashion, and Fun,