On Saturday, May 25, controversial fashion designer Jordy Marilyn launched his new line, IMBEANCE, at the Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

His fans put together their best club kid outfits and event-worthy costumes and gathered to celebrate, all of them anxious to see what shocking, creative, fun designs Marilyn had in store. 

Marilyn's IMBEANCE spring and summer collection was inspired by the villains of Batman, specifically Tim Burton's campy, stylish rendition of the comic. The show was cleverly titled "Marilyn's Revenge." Marilyn compared himself to these super-villains, who seek out their own form of justice from the public and are essentially denied. According to Marilyn, after they are denied by the public, these villains reach a turning point and seek revenge. It's in that point that these villains become the fullest expression of themselves, just as Marilyn is reaching the fullest expression of himself through his art.

"Jordy Marilyn invites you to forget, your traditional all-american fun, and join him in a celebration of absolute chaos and true JUSTICE."

The stage was set up like a villian's layer. It resembled an urban construction sight, the perfect combination of chaos and creation. The runway show featured several different styles of garments, like over the top couture and outlandish ready-to-wear. But, each look oozed with Marilyn's signature unapologetic, shocking and unique style.

It's hard to describe his style of work, because it encompasses so many elements and can sell to so many different types of people. Rockstars, party-hoppers, and artists can find a place in IMBEANCE's fashion. Marilyn is a self-proclaimed club kid and this definitely shows in his work. Jordy Marilyn's fashion house and style resembles that of an edgier version of Heatherette's club-kid fashion. Each piece in the collection is a statement piece, perfect for expressing yourself or attention grabbing at a big event.

Love and Fashion,