Mobley: Tim Shelburne, Anthony Watkins, and Alfredo Rios.
"We're a band of indie rock... with a lot of energy," said bassist Tim Shelburne. It's simple, but I think it does describe the band Mobley of Austin, Texas pretty well. Every Mobley show I've been to has been full of energy - energy from the band, and from the audience.

The band makes their shows into an experience with catchy tunes, soulful lyrics, a high-energy performance, accompanied by perfectly synced video and light show. It's hard not to have fun at one of Mobley's show, and it's even harder not to enjoy the music that they make. 

Mobley played at the Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge on March 8th with Vacationer and Body Language. Originally the band was supposed to play there earlier in the year (on the lead singer’s birthday, none the less!), but unfortunately the building lost power. The band was very excited to have another chance to play at the venue because it is their favorite spot to perform. “It’s hard to think of a place that has been as reliably awesome ever single time we play it,” said Shelburne.

Dalton and his friend Ashley, at the Spanish Moon. 
I had seen Mobley perform once before, and to say I enjoyed the performance would be such a giant understatement. I left the venue that night with several of their catchy tunes stuck in my head. Immediately after the show I downloaded all their tracks from iTunes, and they have been playing on my iPod everyday since then. So, when I had the chance to not only see them on stage but also interview them after the show, I jumped at the opportunity.

The band started playing soon after I had arrived at the Spanish Moon. My friend Ashley and I were sitting at the bar finishing a few drinks we had ordered while waiting. It only took a few moments for the crowd to respond to Mobley's fun, upbeat sound and gathered around the stage. The crowd grouped so quickly Ashley and I barely had time to jump from our barstools and find a spot near the stage to take blog-worthy pictures. But, once you experience Mobley, you understand they are a band that orders attention.

Anthony Watkins II dancing with his fans. 
While the band was playing, I looked through the audience and it was actually hard to find a person not dancing and singing along. Anthony Watkins II, lead singer and songwriter, not only has a great voice and amazing instrumental talent (I'm pretty sure he used at least four different instruments throughout their performance), but he also does a tremendous job with engaging the audience and even including them in the performance. At one point Watkins even moved from the stage to the floor and danced with the audience. It’s clear to see that Mobley is a band that likes to have a good time with their audience and keep them on their toes.

During the performance at the Spanish Moon, Mobley played a number of songs from all three of their albums Cold War Cold (2010), Let Slip (2011), and Young Adult Fiction (2012). Each album features Watkins’s solid vocals with a unique electronic-rock sound. For their latest album, they developed a bold, deeper, “darker” rock sound without letting go of the danceable beats that landed them many awards and accolades (including #6 Best Album of Austin in 2012).

When asked how long the band had been together Watkins said, “The easiest answer to that question is about two and a half years. That’s how long we’ve been doing what we’re doing now.” Mobley was actually founded in North Carolina while Watkins was in college about 8 years ago. The band has gone through a few lineup changes, and evolved their sound over time. The year 2010 is when the band started truly progressing into what it is today. The band started to explore different sounds and added bass, keyboards and a full drum set, which is played by drummer Alfredo Rios.

It’s hard to fit their music into a definite genre or describe it to someone who hasn’t heard them play perform, because Mobley uses elements from several different genres. But, it’s that unique mix of electronic music, rock and pop that makes this indie band worth listening to.

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