When walking through any department store, it's hard not to spot occult or punk-inspired fashion. Clothing and accessories that have hardware like spikes and studs, and patterns that feature skulls, crosses, and pentagrams were once only seen in underground shops and now they are all the rage. Only a few decades ago, people were once shunned or rejected by mainstream society for wearing some of the apparel that you can now find at your favorite store in the mall.

According to controversial designer, performing artist, and superstar Jordy Marilyn, mainstream celebrities are where most trends start in America. “I find all trends repulsive, but the act of trending is what fascinates me.”

When it comes to this new, dark trend in ready-to-wear fashion, Marilyn feels that when ordinary people wear these items it is like false advertising. “How could a gal who’s never read a single bible verse wear a cross? How could a guy wear a leather jacket with studs on it, yet he’s never heard a Judas Priest record? That is what I love. America has become zombies and they don’t even know it. I say keep doing it. Just pour Jameson on your wounds or crack a bottle over someone’s head. One thing I think we all can agree on is that false adverting in never ‘trendy.’”

Charlotte Caprice, nail artist and a contributing writer for the WearHouse District, commented on the trend as well. Caprice said, “I’ve always been into the punk/goth fashion and music scene since I was young. A lot of kids got made fun of for dressing that way and I think it’s really cool that it’s turned into a chic, edgy fashion statement that’s in all year round. Pentagrams added to a sheer, black dress gives it a dark and controversial look. Controversy is always in.”
I personally think this trend is fun, exciting, and even sexy. We’ve all been through a rebellious, punk, grunge or gothic phase in our youth. Now, we get to relive it in a more stylish, mature way.

Love and Fashion,