Saints and Sinners, Channing Tatum’s new bar and restaurant inspired by New Orleans Storyville brings back the vibe of speakeasies found in the 1920’s and adds a new experience to Bourbon Street.

By: Channing Parfait

The historic red light district in New Orleans, also known as Storyville, offered risqué women and men of the 1920’s a place to gather where brothels were legal, and it created a hub for talented musicians from around the city known for its roots in jazz.

Channing Tatum along with his business partner, Keith Kurtz, established Saints and Sinners as a bar that pays tribute to New Orleans classical, good-time reputation.

The “laissez les bon temps rouler” attitude is seen throughout Saints and Sinners with red and highly detailed wallpaper, Victorian accents, and red furniture fit to the Burlesque theme.

Anyone who visited Saints and Sinners for grand opening weekend from Nov. 2 through Nov. 3 was asked to wear outfits inspired from the 1890’s to 1920’s such as flapper dresses and the classic paperboy look to help promote the historic theme of the bar and restaurant.

Earlier in October, Tatum held a private grand opening with his wife Jenna Dewan and his business partner, Keith Kurtz. Other stars who were present for the big reveal in the big easy were Jason Statham, his girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kevin Nash, to name a few.

Derrick Townsend, occupational therapist and entrepreneur from New Orleans, had the opportunity to attend the private party and said the Burlesque and speakeasy theme was “100 percent dead on.”
Channing Tatum and Derrick Townsend
“It gives Bourbon Street a new heartbeat, it’s kind of a step above,” Townsend said. “I think it’s going to become a hub for movies stars when they do come into New Orleans.”

The level of personal experience offered at Saints and Sinners speaks to the hospitality that New Orleans is known for. Townsend said he appreciated the location and style of the bar since he thinks part of what the city needs is more lounges.

“The atmosphere of the place and the way they treat people is what will make the difference,” Townsend said. “Who Channing brought in to work there and their attitudes towards people leave a big impression.”

The grand opening offered live entertainment with Burlesque dancers, which Townsend described as “very classy.”

The upstairs lounge of Saints and Sinners offers a place to sit and relax much like a speakeasy found in the 1920’s. Downstairs houses the main seating and dining area for the restaurant that pays tribute to New Orleans Creole cuisine.

“For Bourbon Street it’s very high end food and they have a good variety to choose from,” Townsend said.

From a specialty drink called Burlesque Stress to an entrée called Miss Lulu’s Classic Jambalaya, a look at their menu will satisfy any craving for southern food.

After 11 p.m., there is a limited menu and after 10 p.m. the bar is 21 and older.

With Channing Tatum’s name and the unique style offered at Saints and Sinners, it is sure to become a hot spot among tourists and residents looking for a new, polished experience on Bourbon Street.