On Tiffany: Blazer, Standard Cloth; Shirt, Issi; Pants, Hot kiss. With Izabella. *Fashion Editor: Dalton Primeaux; Creative Director: Veronica Traigle; Make Up Artist: Donna Primeaux; Production Assistant: Nicholas Ortego. 

Today seemed like it would be a normal fall fashion photo shoot... but when the models gathered on set, they were attacked by the living dead!

Lucky for us at the WearHouse District, even zombies are keeping up with their fashion trends. With waxy leathers, baroque patterns, 90's street-wear and gold accents... these horrifying creatures are staying stylish.

Boots, 21 Men by Forever 21; Leather bracelets, G By Guess; Wooden ring, Urban Outfitters; Fur Collar, D&Y. 

On Nicholas: Coat, G By Guess; Scarf, Rue 21. On Dalton: Coat, Legendary Goods; Shirt, Cote de France; Pants, Carbon by Rue 21; Sweater (around waist), Dockers. 

Shoes, Urban OG; Bracelets, Rue 21. 

On Veronica: Dress, Amanda DeLeon. 

Shoes, Urban OG; Scarf, Zara; Necklace, Rue 21; Earrings, Charming Charlie's.

On Dalton: Jacket, G By Guess; Military Shirt, H&M; Pants, Rue 21, Shoes, G By Guess.
On Tiffany: Dress, Bebop. On Nicholas: Shirt, Eighty Eight. On Veronica: Shirt, Marilyn Manor.