"Drama Club." Dramatic embellishments. 1990's style. Devilish themes.

Jeremy Scott hit the nail on the head with his ode to the 90’s in his F/W ’12 collection (He displayed colors and a pattern resembling our old Lisa Frank school supplies from elementary school, emoticon and windows 98 inspired details, and many other 1990’s inspired elements). The 90’s theme is running ramped in street-wear this season. 90’s denim skirts and jackets, along with unique silhouettes and platform shoes made famous in our favorite 90’s teen movies like Jawbreaker, Clueless and Spiceworld are now seen on hip and trendy 20-somethings. Even Varsity jackets and prep school style are making comebacks. Our Gen Y trendsetters are obviously in control and reminiscing through their attire. Let’s face it we’ve missed wrapping our sweaters around our waists… oh, yeah. That’s back.

A trend that is making just a tiny ripple in street-wear, but still enough to mention is occult inspired style. Yes. The same generation in control of the 90’s takeover has obviously read far too many Goosebumps books, because pentagrams, inverted crosses, and devilish graphics are hot right now.

All together, if fall trends were summed up in one word it would be dramatic. In sportswear and evening wear there’s a different trend popping up. This crowd seems to be drawn to Shakespearean and baroque themes, like Dolce and Gabbana and Versace presented in their fall and winter collections. The dramatic patterns and theatrical pieces will not just be in every boutique, but every socialite, business person, and fashion fanatic’s wardrobe. Most drama queens and starlets will not be able to resist the ornate embroidery and gold hardware of this trend.