"Golden Age." Gold, Waxy Leather and Velvet. Strong Colors and Bold Textures. 

It’s actually rare that color plays such a large role in fashion during the fall and winter seasons. But, this year we trade in our neutrals and drab color for a more dramatic, almost shocking palette. Deep scarlet, navy and emerald are typical fall and winter colors seen in sportswear or evening wear. But, some fun, softer tones in street-wear are still lingering from summer looks.

The main color for this season is gold. Whether its embroidered embellishments, baroque-inspired hardware, or glittering gowns, metallic and shiny textures will have starring roles in fall trends, and gold will be the lead.
Leather is always a great way to make an outfit more edgy or sexy. Layering the different leather textures was a huge part of fall and winter looks on the runway earlier this year, and that trend may very well make a splash in major cities’ streetstyle. The most popular color and texture for leather this year is black and waxy. Leather with a waxy finish will definitely be seen in dresses, skirts and jackets.

Another huge textured material this season is definitely velvet. Velvets of deep, rich colors are a huge part of the theatrical, classical, old Hollywood feel that most designers expressed in their fall collections. Velvet will be a must have for any elegant starlet.