Bianca van Dam, 22,
Photographer/Writer/Designer, Haarlem

As we slowly start adding cardigans and jackets into our daily wardrobe and make our transition into autumn, a few strong fashion trends are popping up. Many of them are perfect looks for the back to school season and versatile enough for almost any climate.

A surprise for this fall season is that we will continue to see a soft color palette in many clothing lines, where in the past jewel tones usually take over by this time of year. The retro Americano look, with 90's-isque denim, crop tops and grunge rock plaid is still going strong. As well as the old school prep look and high school inspired letterman jackets, perfect for any age group that wants to add fun outerwear to an outfit when the cool weather starts rolling in.

Here are some of our favorite "back to school" looks from

Borjana, 27,
Law student and fashion blogger,

Bianca van Dam, 22,

Claudia K., 21,
student and blogger

Ersa Adiprasetya, 21,
College Student and Blogger,Yogyakarta

johnmarkcampos, 21, Manila  

Lucine, 26,
Marketing Specialist [and blogger]

Melda Auditia, 14,


Shelby Bilbruck, 18,

Thora Dittrich, 16,
Student, Braunschweig

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