Presenting, a man of vision and style.  One who sets his own standards and thrives on versatility.  Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Laurence Kennedy...

By Nadezhda Sharnelle

So tell me, who is Laurence Kennedy?

Laurence Kennedy is an up and coming designer who is out to push traditional prep redefine tradition is what I like to call it.  

Who and what would be considered your biggest inspirations for Tradition by Laurence Kennedy?

For as long as I can remember I have always been inspired by color and it will always play a major role in the line.  When it comes to designers, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford.  All of these designers have influenced me in a lot of ways whether it's Ralph's use of color, Paul Smith's risk taking or Marc Jacobs willingness to do what he wants and put out the clothing that makes him happy.

I love how your neck wear shows preppy fashion still exist.  What type of guy embodies your target market?

The versatile guy who isn't afraid to show his preppy side and is confident in taking a chance with his fashion because he knows that he can pull it off.

I am a natural, born minimalist and I find your site very appealing.  Is that what you were aiming for? Simplicity?

Definitely.  I want the clothing to do the talking at this point.  In the future, I'm sure I'll do something bigger but right now it's all about the product.

If TbLK was a brick and mortar store, what would be your ideal design?

I have so many ideas.  I would want to mix old with new... Mahogany wood for that old country club feel and repp stripe strategically placed throughout the store via the wallpaper, seat cushions etc.  As for the new, I would represent that with the use of technology.  Paintings on a chambray, chino or plaid canvas..ya know to push the boundaries the Kennedy way.  As far as the exterior, I'm a huge fan of modern architecture.  It wouldn't necessarily look like a clothing store/boutique...only for the customer to be taken aback once they enter.  

I want shopping at a Laurence Kennedy location to be an overall new experience so when people make a purchase they feel like they're shopping at a place and with a brand like no other.

Lastly, will we possibly be seeing any preppy neck wear for the ladies in the future?

Hmm, that's a good question.  I guess we will just have to see.  But, I'm definitely open to it.


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