Loop73 is one of the most addictive, entertaining and interesting blogs on the web now. 

Rosario Solis, the brains behind Loop73, is able to truly bring out the artist aspect of style and fashion. Creativity and a unique, edgy style are things that we at the WearHouse District live for. And, that is why Rosario is this month’s blogger you should know. 

Dalton: What made you want to start blogging and why fashion?

Rosario: I've been blogging on and off since 2008. I started with an online journal where I post random stuff about art and design. Not until late last year that I decided to take it seriously and have to pick a niche, which I started with graphic design for fashion. I love fashion but I've never been very vocal about it. Even before the The Sartorialist became popular, I've been reading and following the blog. I read about fashion designers, watch documentaries, and collect edgy promotional materials as much as I could. So I said, why not blog about it? It turned out positive and exciting. Well, it’s is not all glitz and glamour when you know the amount of hard work behind the scenes and yet, it's fun!

What's the relevance of your blog title Loop73?
Loop means "Little Owl Of Pallas Athene". Athene the goddess of wisdom has a little owl named Glaukos. Owls are my personal symbol. Athene's number is 7. 3 is the day I was born. So Loop73 really translates to my personal symbol and my birth date. The word "loop" also signifies a circular path, which is like a blog, it moves around -creating a network, a space, a shape, virtually.

What do you feel makes your blog stand out?
Content. I always try to come up with unique content, something that you cannot usually find in other fashion blogs. As much as possible, the photographs are original and not ripped from other sites. I curate them too. I scour stores; attend events- to look for content that are relevant to my niche.

What are your favorite designers or fashion lines? What are some of your inspirations?
I don't specifically have a favorite but a few that I usually adore are Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Jill Sander, Marc Jacobs, Philip Lim and Margiela. I also go for the simplicity of Muji or the modern look of Theory. A mix of high and low, I can draw inspirations even from independent unknown designers, then again, it all boils down to design.

What is your favorite current trend?
I am not very particular about trends but I surely love the revival of Art Deco in fashion: The use of geometry, lines, abstract shapes and graphics. Fashion forward sports clothing is another. I'm the sporty type and I now wear sports clothing to work without having to look like I'll hit the gym.

What would be the one article of clothing or accessory that you could never live without?
A watch and a scarf. Call me time conscious but I get anxious when my wrist is not ticking. Of course, my ever utilitarian companion, the scarf, winds up on my neck most of the time. A scarf keeps me warm, protects my face from the heat of the sun and best of all, it brightens my plain wardrobe.

How do you define the word "style?"
Style for me is very personal. It's an identity, a signature and personal branding. Something that is effortless, what comes out of you naturally.

Go right now to www.loop73.com and check out Rosario’s amazing blog.