"Wearing clothes seems like an easy thing to do each day? Well not for today’s youth. Some youths even believe wearing the ‘wrong’ clothes can lead to social suicide. Nowadays, freely expressing your style seems to be getting repressed by bullies who view fashion as a way to leverage their status, discarding the actual value of fashion: freedom of expression."

"Clothes are a very personal form of expression. We wear clothes everyday. If we didn’t care about what we wear, we would all look the same. There are many factors that keep us from expressing ourselves. The fear of being critiqued by peers, lacking confidence from our own physical traits, the fear of being too different. Society has a shared tendency to follow tradition, and those who go against the grain, becomes hurt and isolated. 

Veronica Cabral, Creative Director and FAB supporter

"These barriers can sometimes affect one’s desire to explore their inner selves. We want to instill the view amongst the critical that it’s not about the clothes, it’s how your wear it. We want to free individuals from their limits, and have free reign to explore their fashion journey [source:]."

Dalton Primeaux

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Don't be afraid to be unique and express yourself. Together we can put a stop to bullying, and bring about love and understanding.