“Getting in Shape.” Peplums. Wide Legs. 90’s Americana. Exposed abs.

The shape of apparel will make a big impact during spring. Width is in. Peplums are the biggest trend for women. And, for men that want to make bold statements with their silhouettes, wider legs are the way to go. Both the men’s wider leg trend and peplums were all the rage on the runways around the world.

It seems the 1990’s also have inspired a lot of designers when it came to shaping their designs. For men, the 90’s Americana style took center stage with rough denims, rusted colors and distressed leather goods. But, for women it was all about the midriff. A popular look in the 90’s, thanks to girl bands like the Spice Girls, was to show off the stomach and now that look has returns for spring 2012. Guys, dust off your denim vest with that rad Nirvana patch on it. Girls, start doing your crunches because these trends are Ab-solutely fabulous.