“Sweet!” Pastry inspired pastels. Clearly transparent. Colorful basics.

I have never been so excited for spring trends before. Usually, fall fashion blows spring out of the water. In my opinion, with a few exceptions, it seems spring 2012 style out-shined the recent fall 2012 fashion shows out on the runway. It makes me want to wear lots of color and fun shorts and sun bathe on a tropical beach.

The major color trend for spring 2012 is pale hues. But, don’t think of these colors as lifeless. Think of them as creamy and delightful. Hues of mint and lavender are popping up in every boutique around the world. You’ll also be sure to spot robin’s egg blue and bubble gum pink on most clothing store shelves. Guys even have it popping up in their suits. These pastel colors are the quintessential cool colors and should be added to everyone’s wardrobe.

Also, the way mesh made a splash last spring season, we will be seeing the same effects from transparent materials. Accessories and bags made of fun clear acrylics and plastics will be the trendiest way to add a cool playful feeling to any outfit. And, look out for fun tops made with organza or other see-through materials to add tons of peek-a-boo sex appeal to your looks.

The true hues and gemstone hues that were hot last fall may be making a cameo appearance in handbags, casual pants and shoes. Men’s basic shoes having a colorful twist is something that has already began popping up early in the year, but it’s sure to stay hot all season long.