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 Style Spot Run is my new favorite online addiction

It's full of fun fashion, and useful styling and shopping tips to keep its readers on trend. Style Spot Run isn't just essential for all avid thrift store shoppers and vintage lovers but any fan of styling and expressive fashion statements.

PocaHannah, Style Spot Run blogger, is originally from Iowa and moved to New York a year after graduating college in Madison, WI. She is currently working for Tod's e-commerce but one day she will spend all her time on her own boutique that will become a neighborhood institution.

Dalton: When and why did you start blogging?

PocaHannah: Since perusing the internet is a speciality of mine, a few years ago I kept finding myself constantly salivating over food blogs. First food blogs, then streetstyle blogs like The Sartorialist and Stockholm Streetstyle. Then I stumbled upon Hand It Over blog by Wendy. Wendy wasn't a celebrity but I loved her personal take on style and creativity. So I asked my techy older brother how to set up a blog and in turn he created a blog to show me how to start a blog. Go figure. I love getting lost in anything creative, and since blogging is purely a no-pressure project to satisfy my right-brain it is easy to do.

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Explain the significance of your blog's title?

Style.Spot.Run. is a play off the name of the old children's book See Spot Run. I just love the ring it had to it. I also think Spot is a pretty cute dog. When I decided that my blog would focus on "how to use thrift stores to stay on trend" I thought of everything related to that and how the process works. Whether it's in a magazine, on the runway, or on the street, you take inspiration cues from Style that you like. It could be an entire look, or simply the color, texture, pattern, or shape. Then comes the fun part - the Spot, finding the gem that fits the Style inspiration amongst the sea of manky fleece pajamas, which is equivalent to finding the box of buried treasure, hence all you want to do is take it and Run!

When did you start thrift shopping and why did you choose to make this the subject of your blog?

My mom encouraged me to go to the thrift store since I loved shopping a little too frequently for my budget. I remember finding a bow necklace that looked just like an image I saw in People Style Watch - except 1/13th of the price. I started going to Salvation Army twice a week...then three times a week...then four times a week, then yes, five. Puppy love turned to obsession; there went my mom's budget intervention method out the window! Although, I didn't always buy something when I went. I just loved letting my mind wander after a long day of work while I zoned out in a sea of tactile wonder. The employees became my friends and the store was my safe-haven for mental stability. I have never been one for all work and no play.
I suppose I made thrift shopping the subject of my blog because not only did it become a very relavent part of my life but also meaningful and fun. Those are key elements in development, writing, and sparking creativity.

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Could you share some essential, basic thrifting tips?
  • Buy quality, not quantity. Exceptions are allowed for those particularly gem-filled days.
  • Avoid buying pieces that will just become "To Do" projects. The less alterations or repairs, the more cost-effective.
  • Do pay attention to price specials. Use your savings to buy delicious cookies.
  • Be proud of your thrift - break the stigma! Thrifting is not dirty or weird unless you are a dirty bird and/or weird.
What are the main sources that you get inspiration from for your outfits?

I look everywhere for inspiration: blogs, books, magazines, coworkers, strangers. Inspiration comes in all forms. I recently started a new sister-blog, Streetstyle.Spot.Run. to show off the stranger-style that is inspiring me daily. Specifically I am easily distracted by shiny lights, textured objects, and colors which for my outfits tends to translate into sequins, fur, and pattern. Call me stereotypical but try avoiding having any of those things in your closet. I bet you'll struggle!

What is "style" to you?

Oh I just love this question! Well I guess it's cheating if I use a quote from a very famous friend, Lynn Dell The Countess of Glamour, but I am going to use it anyways because I love to break the rules. "Fashion says 'Me Too', Style says 'Only Me'." Wear it; don't let it wear you.

Be sure to check out www.stylespotrun.com, one of the coolest fashion blogs on the web!

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