The South Knows Style

Beyond popular belief, there are many stylish people in the south
The following southerners are not afraid of standing out and expressing themselves through fashion. These fashion leaders are made up of students, stylists, bloggers, musicians and artists. They are all beautiful and do an amazing job of representing the southern states.

Kammie Pomeranian, Student (, New Orleans
Rain Miller, Model/Fashion Enthusiast (,  Orlando
Hannah Grace, 17, Artist, New Orleans
Nini Nguyen, 25, Stylist/Designer/Blogger (, Dallas
Rashad Minnick, 21, Student/Blogger (, Baton Rouge
Elizabeth E., Designer/Blogger (, New Orleans
Joseph M., !6, Corpus Christi
Lee Brooks, 21, (, Hattiesburg

Matthew Hoss, 19, (, Texas

Michael Woodall, 19, Student (, Atlanta

*All these amazing looks can be found on


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  2. Nice outfit. The color combination is perfect! Awesome look!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. love Rashad outfit, the colors are sooo cool!


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