This year on the WearHouse District, the month of February is all about letting out our inner country boy or girl. One of the most well known hair treatment in the south is rinsing your hair with beer. Cowboys and southern belles alike have used this trick for centuries to repair damaged hair and make their locks lively and shiny. 

But, does it actually work? 
Yes! It works amazingly. The protein from the hops and the sugar inside the beer work together and make hair look its best.

This treatment is very simple and it is sure to save you lots of money since most professional hair treatments can be costly. And, any beer will do. There’s no need to buy expensive brands to rinse your hair with. Just simply choose a lager or ale (because of the high amount of hops) from a convenience store or liquor store.

All you have to do is open the bottle or can and let it sit for an hour or two. You want the beer to go completely flat before pouring it onto your head. Shampoo your head, rinse and then apply the beer scalp to tip. Gently massage the beer in your hair and let it sit for at least two minutes. After, rinse with cool water. We recommend apply your usually condition after to help neutralize the beer scent – which can be rather strong. Towel dry, and style as usually.

Now your hair should be extremely bouncy, full, and vibrant! Just in time to head out to a barnyard party for some square dancing! Yeehaw!