By: Dalton Primeaux

I recently had the privilege of interviewing  Joseph A. Federico the editor-in-chief of Debonair Magazine

Writing has been Federico’s calling ever since he was in grade school. He described how he would edit his classmate’s work in his school’s computer lab out loud. “That would get me into such trouble,” he said. One of his latest major accomplishments outside of Debonair has been publishing his first book, Images of America: Galloway Township by Arcadia Publishing. Now, Federico is working his dream job as editor-in-chief of Debonair.

Debonair was founded in 2005 by Eddie Hertzman of Hertzman Media Group. Hertzman said he had decided to create Debonair because he wanted a resource for guys that wanted to be stylish and look like guys in the magazines but couldn’t afford the lavish attire. Debonair targets young men who live in an urban area. When I asked about the certain type of guys that the magazine is designed for, Hertzman answered, “The target reader is the young professional who has aspiration. He cares about details, fashion, lifestyle and good food. Health and appearance are also at the top of his list. The man who aspires to be debonair wants the finer things in life and is working toward them. What man doesn’t need a little boost from time to time, to help point him in the right direction? That’s what we’re about.”

When Federico is working on articles and trying to reach this target audience for Debonair, he draws inspiration from leading men of Hollywood, like George Clooney or Brad Pitt. “With every article I write, I ask myself ‘What would George or Brad do?’ and try to translate that to the younger generations of men out there and to what I think would interest them,” said Federico.

One can certainly describe Debonair Magazine as stylish. But, the word style can have so many meanings. Each person has their own style and their own meaning of the word. Federico shared with me what style means to him. He said, “To me, style encompasses the mind, body, and the soul. It honestly is a state of being that translates into every day function.

When it comes to his personal style, Federico said his favorite look this past fall season was without a doubt the cardigan, and he also enjoyed seeing the bow-tie make a comeback. He also said he is very much looking forward to nautical looks and the muted colors that will be appearing this spring. “It’s going to be a good spring and summer 2012 for men across the nation!” Federico said.
[Joseph Federico]

As for Debonair in 2012, Federico says they have a lot to offer in the New Year. Men’s jewelry is going to be a point of interest for the magazine, and they are also going to really focus on the “lifestyle” angle as well. Also, we can all look forward to the “Debonair Like Me” series, in which the magazine features a young man they think fits the standards of being a true debonair. “We have lots of surprises in store for our readers.”

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