Artsy Crafty Nails

The DIY nails is becoming ever more popular these days and for good reason. Its cheap, easy, and gives you something to do when you are bored. It also lets you express your creative side.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Galactic nails- very simple, yet beautiful. Basically apply a dark coat, wait for it to dry, then paint the tips with a glittery nail polish. You can also add some little rhinestones to emphasize a nail or two.

2.Crackle Nails- Very simple, and interesting. Pick your colors and apply a regular color coat and wait for it to dry. Then a apply thin or thick layer, depends on the effect you want, of crackle nail polish, which you can find at basically any drugstore.

3. Newspaper nails- Still very easy and an attention getter. For this you need regular newspaper, rubbing alcohol, and a light base color. You apply a light base color, something that would be easy to see the print through. Cut a few pieces of newspaper that you can easily put on your nail. And pour the rubbing alcohol into something you can easily dip your finger in to cover your nail, like a short shot glass. You apply the light color nail polish first, and wait for it to dry. After it drys, you dip your finger in the rubbing alcohol and immediately stick a piece of newspaper on your nail. It doesn't take very long for the print to get on your nail, max 30 secs.

4. Water Marble nails- This is the most time consuming and messiest, but well worth it in the end. You will need: a bowl or cup you can easily dip your finger into filled with warm or room temperature water, toothpicks or orange sticks, and polishes you think will work well together. Let a big drop of nail polish fall into the water, followed by the other colors. Once you have all the colors you want, get the toothpick(or orangestick) and drag through the polish from the outside to the middle until you make a pretty design. Dip your finger in the water making sure it is completely under. You can use the toothpick/orange stick to get the remaining polish onto your nail. Repeat for every nail. You can use tape or vaseline to protect the rest of your finger from becoming covered with nail polish, or you can just use nail polish remover.

For all of these I recommend first applying a clear base coat, and when you are finished apply a clear topcoat.

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