Men’s Facial Routine

Most men think they are exempted from following a beauty regimen. This is crazy! Men need to have a daily routine just as much as women do. There are only a few tweaks needed to be made to a usually routine to make in tough enough for a man.

Guys, remember the basics of cleanse, tone, and moisturize can go a really long way. And, since you will most likely be in the sun a lot… being the manly man that you are, make sure that your moisturizer has a high SPF.

One of the main differences between a woman’s beauty regimen and a man’s is that a man has the option to shave or grow facial hair. If you decide to grow facial hair, make sure you trim and maintain it daily. And, even if you have been shaving your face for years now, you may still not know the proper way to go about it. Trimming with an electric razor is fantastic, but using a blade razor will most likely give you a closer shave.

Before starting a razor shave, make sure you soften your whiskers by applying a warm, damp wash cloth, and don’t be afraid to exfoliate dead skin and dirt away to insure a closer shave. Next, apply your shaving cream or shave gel evenly. Try not to use too much, and rub upwards to make the hairs stand tall. Or, you can even go an extra step and buy a shaving brush!

Remember when shaving to try to shave in the same direction as your hair grows, not against it – this can cause major irritation. Also, pulling your skin taut will decrease the chances of nicks. Make sure that you are cleaning your blades throughout the process to keep your shave as close as possible.

If you shave daily make sure you are inserting into your routine between cleansing and toning, because toning (with a alcohol-free toner) and moisturizing after a shave will decrease the appearance of razor bumps!

Happy shaving, guys!
[By: Dalton Primeaux]

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