Tokyo Rose, a fellow New Orleans native, stands out among the crowd of other bloggers and online boutique owners because of her fun, young, and sexy style.

When asked to describe her style, the lovely Tokyo Rose said, "My style is really all over the place. Sometimes I'm dressed straight '60s long dress, pearls and oxfords then I have my grunge look with the ripped up Levis and Dr. Martens. So I really don't have a style... I like what I like."

She runs one of the most stylish online boutiques on the web. " is a site I started as a freshmen in college. I've always wanted a boutique, but being in school it's kind of hard to a manage a store. So, I decided to go for an online store." Tokyo Rose is currently in school for Fashion Design, and working on a T-shirt line.

Make sure you check out Tokyo Rose Designs and stayed tuned to see some amazing work from this young fashionista.