Kate Schneider's blog, No Pants Tuesday, is one of the sites I visit to get my daily dose of style. Schneider's fashion sense is outstanding! She can put together an outfit like no other blogger can.

"Ok, I guess I would describe my style as feel-good. I like to wear clothes that make me smile, and I have a penchant for bright colors and sharp cuts. As my style evolves, I see myself moving towards more grown up silhouettes and classic designs.

"I started no pants tuesday mostly to have a personal record of my style, but since then I have found blogging to be incredibly rewarding. What really keeps me at it is the people I've met within the blogging community, other bloggers who are great people and inspiring writers/stylists/photographers/etc.

"Fashion plans for the future? Basically, I'll keep doing what I'm doing, though I would love to partner with some designers or start my own line at some point. But that's probably every fashion blogger's dream, so I'm not going to put all my eggs in the 'I'm moving to New York and getting famous' basket."

Schneider is originally from New Orleans, but now resides in Denver where she continues to rock the online fashion world. Don't forget to check out No Pants Tuesday.