I’m definitely a huge fan of thrift and vintage shopping. Most of the crazy, one-of-kind pieces I have in my wardrobe are from a fantastic little place called Good Samaritan Thrift Store.  It’s located in Raceland, Louisiana, a small town about 30 miles outside of New Orleans. It’s surprising how many fantastic vintage pieces I have found at this little shop, like Oscar De La Renta and Christian Dior ties from the 70’s, one of a kind patterned blazers, and colorful tops from the 60’s.

Not only is this thrift store great for the fashion, but it also has the best prices. I have gone into the shop with five dollars and left with a sack of clothes! And you can feel great about spending every cent because all proceeds go to the Good Samaritan food bank connected to the thrift store.

Every experience I’ve had with Good Samaritan Thrift Store and Food Bank has been extraordinary. I not only recommend adding some of this store’s awesome vintage items to your wardrobe, I also recommend donating your used apparel to them. You should never throw out old garments that are in good condition. It’s always better to recycle when possible. And, giving your clothing to a non-profit group is not only green but its considerate. There are far too many people that go without clean, comfortable clothing.

Good Samaritan Food Bank and Thrift Store of Raceland
2084 La-182
Raceland, LA 70394

Rating: 4.7