What’s your fetish? Leather. Whips. Chains. Chokers. Spikes.

So, the major theme we saw in the Spring 2011 season was definitely the 1970’s. Somehow this era’s sexuality transferred over into fall. A lot of accents and accessories we will see throughout the season will be inspired by fetishes. Think Leather, whips, chains, chokers and spikes. The key to wearing this trend and still being stylish, rather than obscene, is to focus of subtlety. You want to look sexy, yes, but not like you are attending a costume party. Simply representing this trend by wearing a spiked heel and sexy choker can go a very long way. And, this theme works amazing with all other trends for Fall 2011. Just imagine a faux fur coat or lacey top with those spiked heels… mmm. Delish!