“Rich!” Glitz and glamour. Sequins. Lace. Gems.

When it comes to color for this Fall season, think deep gemstone hues. The “Rich” trend is all the rage right now. Being extravagant and wearing true, bold colors will be the only way to make it through the fall in style. So, put away the electric green and hot pink wardrobe that clanged to you all during the summer, and reach for some ruby, sapphire, and emerald items.

Also, to add more of a rich flash to your closet, start stocking up on a lot of fine lace and sequins. I’m sure many of you fashion fanatics have seen Prada do oversized sequins right with the amazing pailette dresses. If that doesn’t scream Fall fashion 2011 I don’t know what will. So, if you want to be on top of your fashion come Fall make sure you are drenched in gems, lace and sequins. And, make sure every day you are dressed like the true royalty you are.