[Grace Rose and friends; Photographer Bryan Mayfield]

The event took place at a fabulous shop on the famous Magazine Street of New Orleans called Vernon. The room was filled with very stylish, super cute people shopping, conversing and having a good time.

The drinks and Hors d'œuvres provided by LRG were fantastic! Very delicious cookies and very juicy, sweet watermelon. Everyone seemed to have a drink in hand, and there is no better way to shop out CF than that I am sure! They played super awesome music. Grace Rose, the eight year old girl hosting the event sang a song for us, which was super cute. That takes guts! You go girl! After that she and few friends sang songs together and it was just a good time. I was very happy to see such a great event thrown to help cure Cystic Fibrosis. Congratulations to all the designers, participants, and shoppers that truly is a good cause.

[Leah Bauer, LEAH MILANA; Elsa Brodmann, OTTILIE BRODMANN]

This event gets 5 disco balls.

[Bryan Mayfield for Haute Monde Photography]