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I love my city of New Orleans, the city by the lake ,the theatrical characters that roam downtown, the vibrant colors of the souls that roam here; attached to their capsules or not. The city is mine and I belong to the city. My New Orleans  is full of different women.;Women who earn what they receive, women who just sit there and look pretty to have everything handed to them, "Bad bitches" who actually use their parents money for everything, and then we have our real bad bitches who bust their asses day and night. But they never lose sight of their dreams.

Coming from a working class family, earning what I want is all I know. If I don't work, I don't pay my phone bill, car insurance or get my pair of Jordan's I've been DYING to get. We save up all of our money to take that one day off of work and ravage Magazine Street with their thrift,vintage and beautiful Victorian inspired boutiques. We all know the worth of a hard day's pay so we choose our clothes carefully. If it ain't cute, we ain't buyin' it.

So, yesterday I was walking uptown and saw this young lady in front of me. She had a jean jacket, zebra leggings. (YES,ZEBRA LEGGINGS)red heels, blue polish and curly black hair. I observe the hell out of  people in life. I am like Hannibal Lector except I don't devour people physically but mentally with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti. Anyway, I was walking uptown and overheard her talking on the phone with someone to pick up her child. To me, if you can raise a child and look as hot as her, you are one BAD BITCH and you deserve a reward. So, girl off of St. Charles, if you read this somehow; God Bless you and your zebra leggings and red heels. I mean, I had a mental hard on the entire time. I couldn't help myself.

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To me style is a statement not only seen but heard through out my city. It can be seen through our little uptown kids wearing their expensive Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and boutiques clothing. It can be heard through the single mother  at the doctor's talking her head off about  empire dreams, California fantasies and big goals of being the next Nicki Minaj or the Rachel Zoe of New Orleans. These are the girls who will always inspire me. Even if, one day, I'm made of millions,I will ALWAYS remember these girls who never gave up on themselves. The girls who bust their behinds 40 hours a week, and still manage to stay in school. This is for the girls with babies, and the father is a worthless scumbag who plays "Rick Ross" on Facebook. Who still manage to get their nails done, hair done and feed their inner creative soul. Behind every girl is a story of hard times, late night shifts and half way heart breaks. Underneath the African print leggings, retro sun glasses and glittered heels are women who wouldn't let their hard times get in the way of their inner queen. The world couldn't bring us down because we march to our own beat which is in one rhythm; New Orleans.

We see you, girls. All the way from the Moon. Keep doing your thing :)

See you in outerspace, oxoxxooxo
Charlotte Caprice