[Veronica's look is very "Hot For Teacher;" Photographer Jacob Jennings]

Education is very important. Brains are becoming more valuable than brawn in the workforce, even in blue collar jobs. And, college graduates make 100% more income than high school graduates. But, this isn't a bad thing. We need to embrace education and the hunger for knowledge. Our minds are meant to be exercised. And, our knowledge should be constantly expanding. Let's celebrate the Back to School season in style!

[Dalton in school nerd chic; Veronica makes the hipster look even more stylish]

[Veronica's preppy style is one for every popular Homecoming Queen; Dalton, this rebel does have a cause. And, it's fashion.]

[Veronica and Dalton do the sporty jock look with a little sexy and a lot of style]

[Jacob Jennings for Jacob Jennings Photography]