There is a definite illusion that straight men couldn't care less about fashion and the way they look. Wrong.

[Photographed: Michael Huff; Photographer: Johann Mattozo]

I have been talking to a few of my guy friends about fashion lately to get their opinions. My boyfriend and a few of his friends browsed through a couple of GQ magazines with me. Surprisingly, they completely enjoyed it. They made comments about the models and what they were wearing, and come to find out they are not blind! They can totally pick out what looks good. Sometimes I think they are completely unaware of their own capabilities to be fashionable.

So what's stopping them? Why don't they?
I asked my friends, after they had a few beers, Britton Frost, Dustin Eagan, Cody Peltier, and Robert Moon just that. Their Answer:
They wear clothes they have; they don't go out of their way to get rid of clothes they have and especially don't want to get new ones. They hang on to their clothes until they literally can't wear it anymore. I find that most guys don't shop for themselves. They don't feel like putting the time or effort into shopping. Plus, guy's clothes are generally more expensive than girl's clothing. I talked to mostly the college age group of straight guys so if they did have money to shop they feel like they don't really want to spend it on clothes. They would rather spend their money on something that is more significant to them, whatever that may be. When they finally do go shopping they know before hand exactly what they are looking for so it is just a matter of finding the right size.

When it comes time to actually putting effort into looking nice, guys generally feel lost at picking the right clothes to wear. They go by what they think will be appropriate for the occasion. When they think of being fashionable, they automatically think "business suit." It's like they all want to be James Bond. Imagining themselves in a suit is how they see themselves as being cleaned up. It is ultimate class.
When it comes to expressing individual style Dustin Eagan  (of Arguing Semantics and SIGHTINSOUND) and Britton Frost (of Guns of the Seneca) said something along these lines, "Its not the clothes you wear. It's that Old Spice. Swagger. That's how I express my style." Unfortunately, the culture we live in, which is South Louisiana, doesn't really promote fashion especially in men. So if everyone around doesn't care about fashion why start? They care more about being comfortable and the accessibility and versatility of their clothes.

[Photographed: Robert Moon; Photographer: Veronica]

But the thing is: They just want to wear suits so badly! They want to pull off those killer shades. Wear those awesome kicks. They want to look badass! So Just go ahead and do it. The models for this post own the clothes featured, so it's not hopeless. Of course, I am generalizing based off a group of my close straight guy friends. Surely, it is undeniable the clothes you wear, the style you present makes a difference.
"You can get a vibe from people by the way they dress; you can tell if you're gonna mesh well." -Future (Aqua Force)

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this post I really appreciate it.
I would like to give a special thanks to Johann Mattozo and Mike Huff.