Great Ideas: Plastic-Co.


It has been all the craze for the past few years:reduce, re-use, recycle. That is exactly what these accessories do.



That's right this amazing jewelry is made from plastic bottles. Originally from New Orleans, Denise Kountakis, the designer was inspired to make use of what to others is just garbage. She makes it beautiful. She gets her materials from home, friends, and from donations. All previously used to hold some sort of beverage. All of her jewelry is hand-made. She paints the plastic with a special imported paint, and then she delicately shapes the plastic to perfection. There is necklaces, earrings, head pieces, etc. Each piece is custom made. So, yes, I helped design each to just the way I wanted it. Pick the color, pick the jewels, pick if you want a leaf or flower, pick how many every detail if you want. It is truly amazing! She uses every part of the bottle even the caps and rings. This is very green. It gives me a good feeling wearing this jewelry knowing we made it from recycled material and no one knows it until I tell them. They are just complimenting me on how fabulous it looks! To get your own, contact Denise at
She will be making a website soon.

The Gaga inspired look. I love it!


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