Product Review: Castor Oil Hair Treatment

Thursday, June 09, 2011 The Wearhouse District

For some reason I've been on this kick for longer hair lately. But, I've been having trouble getting my hair to grow like I want it to. I have naturally thick hair and it's usually pretty unmanageable. I would have it thinned out and shaped like I wanted, become semi-happy with it, and then would have to trim a bunch off to get rid of dead ends. And I would start all over.

I started using Castor Oil Hair Treatment a couple months ago and I'm definitely satisfied with the results. Castor Oil promotes healthy hair growth, allowing me to grow out my hair and not worry about trimming dead or split ends. So, the growth process is a lot faster, and smoother. And, if you have thick hair, like me, or dry or frizzy hair Castor Oil helps keep it hydrated and manageable.

The downside I found is that the product can be really hard to wash out after applying, especially if you apply too much. It takes many shampoos to get all the hair treatment out. Also, many people complain about the Castor Oil causing bad acne outbreaks and itchy scalp. I actually had neither and I've been using the product religiously. Maybe it's the type of Castor Oil I used. But, I feel like if you shampoo your hair regularly (even though the hair treatment doesn't really wash out you can still keep your scalp clean) and perform a standard daily facial routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing you should be fine.

You can pick up Castor Oil Hair Treatment at your local drug store like CVS or Walgreens for about 3 bucks.