cure courture

As i was traveling to Austin, I stopped in Houston to visit family and friends. As I was there I actually saw something great on the news!

Cure-Couture is the name. They are all about helping women feel better about themselves when they need it most. Anyone who has ever been to the hospital knows that it is not the funnest place to be. When fighting illness, like maybe cancer, I would imagine that fashion is the farthest thing from mind. But, I have studied psychology enough to know that self-esteem can really improve health.
Their gowns add color when everything else is grey. These gowns help women feel like they aren't just another patient. Check out their website to find out more about them; I provided a link below.

Not many people know that you can bring your own gown to wear at the hospital. They have different gowns to fit different needs "Fashionable and Functional." So if you are going to hospital for anything, even if it is just for a day, you can be cuter than anyone there. Cure-Couture's mission really touched me, and I hope to help spread the word that this is available.